At age 21 I began my apprenticeship with master tailor, Enrique San Juan (known locally as "Henry the tailor"), who immigrated to the USA around the time of WWII and then to the Goshen area in 1956. It took a year of persistent inquiring before he would accept me, because I was already 'too old' to begin the training and he was 'too old to bother with yet another apprentice' (Henry's words).


Fortunately, he succumbed and we had a 22 year relationship before he died in 2004. It was my love of the trade that won him over. I still love learning about it! In the mid 1990's Henry passed his shears on to me as his successor. I am humbled each time I use them. Now, I am in the studio full-time to practice and teach my trade to the next generation.